• Thomas Lee Aspitarte

On occasion, I get requests to add items to our website. By Organizing our Home Page, those requests can more easily be fulfilled. I see 2 categories in which to organize our items.

Persistent items which last year after year:

1) Calendar with our Current Month Meetings

2) Current Month Meeting Invite

3) A link to our County Party Platform

4) A link to our Officers, PCOs with PCO descriptions & Precinct Map

5) Links to WA state Democratic website & legislators & current Legislation.

6) Link to Pay Annual Dues

Seasonal items, e.g. Campaign Season

1) Candidate links during Campaign season

2) Special Events & notices. Links to Events page. Examples are announcing the Inauguration rally, Volunteering to help Covid, Roosevelt Dinner ,etc.

3) look back on events. Link to Gallery showing what happened at events.

4) Current issues. Demo Memo is good example

Let me know if I missed or miscategorized any items for the home page . Once we determine which items we want to be on our home page, then we can determine how we want to design the page to present them. An example would be persistent items on one or both sides with Seasonal in the middle.

One thing is that Persistent will remain constant in size while Seasonal with vary with the number of items presented for that season Thanks Tom

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  • Thomas Lee Aspitarte

Updated: Mar 19

March 2021

Contacts - 1) Determine how to manage our Contacts. Discuss in March Meeting

2) Analyze Duplicates in Google Mail & Website

FaceBook- 1) Need to eliminate duplicate FB page. Honna has created post on old FB page directing to new page. Deletion of old page pending

2) Open Posts to Public? Discuss in March meeting

3) Who are Admins?

Website - 1) Home Page Design. What information on home page? Discuss in March Meeting.

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  • Thomas Lee Aspitarte

Got an email to add COVID volunteering to Website & Facebook. The document link is pasted below. Clearly this is in the scope of the Communications Team. It is a good example of how should we handle communications to members & the public that should be published before our regular monthly meetings. One idea I have is to put a "COVID corner" on the web home page. Current I'll create a PDF view of the document on the events page, but would like to discuss a bit further before adding any thing to Home page.


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