• Thomas Lee Aspitarte

The Candidate Committee shall be a standing committee whose primary duty is development and selection of candidates for County office. It shall seek to discover and afford opportunity for possible candidates to acquaint themselves with and speak throughout the County. It shall follow procedures as outlined in the Endorsements section. Search assistance for State and Federal offices may also be provided. The committee shall endeavor

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  • Thomas Lee Aspitarte

The Membership Committee shall be a standing committee responsible for developing and maintaining an effective precinct committee. It shall endeavor to stimulate the registration of new voters in the County and maintain the records concerning registered voters which will be of use during the election campaigns. It shall recommend to the County Chairperson the appointment of precinct committee persons to vacant precincts. It shall arrange for suitable programs at Central Committee meetings to further the education of County Committeepersons in the Democratic point of view. The committee shall work with elected leaders coordinating neighborhood meetings hosted by the precinct committee persons and other public forums.

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  • Thomas Lee Aspitarte

1. The Fundraising Committee shall be a standing committee that shall be responsible for presenting an annual budget with recommendations for raising money to defray expenses as may be directed by the membership

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