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Hello fellow Democrats,

We're scheduling an online auction to begin January 2nd!  It will be fun, with open bidding and hopefully many items to consider.  We will have a link from our website to a special auction page with the ability to prominently feature every item up for bid. 


The opening of our auction is fast approaching and we would love some more items to auction off.  If you can donate something please email Honna at  Maybe you have something new you have never used?  Or artwork you are ready to part with?  Or a musical instrument lying around?  Have something fun you'd like to contribute?  Could you create something or offer services?  Contribute a gift certificate?


Here are a few ideas:


A theme basket;

* A day at the beach with sand tools, a kite, a beach towel and an umbrella

* Gardening Fun with a trowel, gloves, seed packets etc.

*  A family picnic with a picnic basket filled with fun goodies for the family

*  Any other theme you can think of. Only caveat is that if there is alcohol we have to pay you for the wholesale price of the bottle(s). Of course you can donate an equivalent amount to us!



* Vacation rentals

* Hotel certificate

* Tour package


Art and crafts items;

* Pottery

* Woodwork

* Jewelry

* Fabric arts

* Artwork, paintings, posters, prints, framed photography



* Tickets to a game or concert

* Gift Certificates to restaurants

* A night at an escape room

* Ski or snowboard package

* Rafting or fishing package



* Hours of landscaping

* House Cleaning

* Professional services

* etc


Fun Items 

* Game console

* Sports equipment

* Toys


Use your imagination and donate something fun. We'll be live from Jan. 2 through 8PM on Jan. 22.


 Please let Honna know if you can donate something to the auction.  Or let her know if you have an idea you would like to discuss with her!