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Response to Sheriff's Corner

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Democratic Response to the Sheriff’s Corner

Tom Aspitarte for the Skamania County Democrats

It has become clear after several Sheriff’s Corner Op-Eds that these are not just about the state of Skamania County from the Sheriff’s point of view, but Op-Eds are also an opportunity for him to communicate Republican talking points to Skamania County. Just as when the State of Union Address is given by the President of the United States, it is deemed fair to give either opposition party the opportunity to respond to the political nature of that speech. And so the Skamania County Democrats would also like to respond to the political nature of the Sheriff’s Corner Op-Ed.

Many of the complaints found in the Sheriff’s corner in past weeks have been against laws passed by either Washington State or US Legislatures. We as Skamania County Democrats support the Rule of Laws enacted by our legislative bodies as empowered by their respective Washington State and US Constitution. And if any legislative body oversteps their constitutional authority, we support our Judicial System to correct unconstitutional legislation.

There was a complaint in the Sheriff’s Corner about Federal agencies attempting to expand their authority beyond areas of their jurisdiction. Skamania County Democrats believe Judicial Oversight. They are empowered by the US Constitution to remedy any government overreach.

There was complaint our governor using his authority to declare an emergency provide authority over the free movement of the people. This authority was constitutional granted to the Governor by our legislature. And doesn’t the sheriff and his deputies do the exact same thing on a much smaller scale? If you don’t think so, try not pulling over, but continuing your free movement next time you see emergency lights flashing behind you. The people of Washington are watching the governor and re-elected him by a large margin last year in the middle of his emergency declaration.

There was a complaint about a federal judge overturning the CDC moratorium on convictions. This is a good example proving judicial oversight works and indeed, somebody was watching.

There have been complaints about laws that he personally believes are unconstitutional and therefore won’t enforce. But that is not in the oath he swore to do when he became sheriff. He swore “that he will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution and laws of the state wherein he is elected…”. There is no exception for a sheriff’s personal judgement on constitutionality, that is clearly reserved for our judiciary. Any person that thinks they cannot faithfully discharge all of the duties of their Office should seriously consider that is not job is not for them.

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