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Fundraising Committee Charter

1. The Fundraising Committee shall be a standing committee that shall be responsible for presenting an annual budget with recommendations for raising money to defray expenses as may be directed by the membership

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Roosevelt Dinner Planning

Planning for the Oct 9 Roosevelt Dinner has started. This is a great annual fundraising event and a lot of fun. If you are interested in helping, Please contact Honna Sheffield @ honnasheffield@gmail.


Aiko Thanks for checking. I agree about the redundancy of double "shalls". I copied and pasted these statements from our bylaws, so I think the Committee charters should be changed there first. Something to bring up at our next monthly meeting.


Aiko Low
Aiko Low
Feb 18, 2021

Again, eliminate wordiness. I don’t feel that it is necessary to repeat “shall be a standing committee that shall be”. Is not “is responsible” sufficient?

I’m not an English teacher. I like short and to the point.

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